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Way Of Life . Fr purpose to sell books
for individuals or for bookstore

the price is different for individuals or for book store
for book store we done free send and deposit

so you didn't have to pay efore you sell
bookstores can buy some books too

the price is lower whan the bookstore buy before
writers who want us to sell their books can ask us

aRTiSTic Way of Life Artists

For the begin of the book store we will present the LuGDuNuM Literary Academy
And a part of scientific essay abouts series and whole synthetis by Jean-Paul Daumas
the LuGDuNuM Literatue Academician is Roche Maxime
he has write tales for childrens
a court thesis on the guide
and a philosophic essay the difficult path
and he has translate a rong rongo tablet, from rapa nui of eastern island
wonderfull songs about the majesty of ocean
it is the object of these website, to distribute this work to world

individuals can ask for a personal dedicace
here is a fabulous work

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